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Public Notice Concerning Disposition of Treasury Stock(PDF92KB)
Only Japanese available.

Financial statements

We have an application of "Clause 4, Article 440 of Corporation Law ", so we stopped electromagnetic notification of the balance sheet etc. Please refer to the following site of the Financial Services Agency
for the situation of our finance.
EDINET Code:E03315
<The Financial Services Agency EDINET Site >

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TSE 1st Section
(Code Number:7605)
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Investor relations

Monthly information can be used in both English and Japanese from this month.

Disclosure information

Financial Results

Monthly Information

Information of closing account briefing

Corporate Governance Report(PDF61KB)
The latest update 29. January, 2021

Business Report 2021(PDF1.70MB)

Shareholder Information

If you would like to inquire regarding our Invester Relations, please contact us at the following address.
≫ For inquiries E-mail:investor-relations@fujicorporation.ne.jp


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Shareholder preferential treatment system

Shareholder special benefit plan

We hope that things are going well for you.
We would like to express our thanks for your loyal patronage.
In order to get more understanding and patronage to our company, merchandise and service, we send "Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS gift card" to our shareholders as of April 30 every year.

Best regards,

Fumiki Endo, President and CEO

The standard of issue

"Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS gift card" will be send to all those on our shareholders list as of April 30 every year, those hold our company’s shares for a period of one year or longer (those listed on our shareholders list three successive times, i.e., shareholders listed on as of April 30 and October 31 of the previous year in the same shareholder number). This does not apply in cases where the amount of the shares is less than the minimum number for this standard, (100 shares before the change; and 200 shares after the change) even just once in the shareholders lists of three times. The details are as follows.

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